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‘Ab TANDAV hoga’ : Hindustani Bhau angry with the case against Ekta Kapoor getting dismissed

by Lakshita Jain
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Recently youtuber and Bigg Boss 13 fame Hindustani Bhau aka Vikas Pathak made headlines for filing an FIR against well-known bollywood producer Ekta Kapoor and her mother Shobha kapoor. Bhau filed the complaint because he was upset over a scene in one of Ekta’s recent web series on ALT Balaji called XXX Uncensored:season 2. Bhau claimed that in the scene Ekta was trying to “Disrespect our Indian Military, national Emblem, colonel tag, and defaming our country.” He had also called Ekta and her Mother ‘Anti National.’ The complaint was filed at Khar police station, Mumbai on 1st June.

However, Bhau was not the first person to file a complaint against the infamous producer. Before him, a social activist had also filed a complaint against Ekta in Hyderabad claiming that the show had aired defamatory content against the Indian Army. But now the complaint has been dismissed by the Hyderabad cyber crime police due to lack of evidence. A source close to the industry said, “A Hyderabad based complainant raised an objection against an Alt Balaji show and wanted to raise an FIR. But when the police undertook an investigation, the FIR filing was dismissed because there wasn’t anything objectionable that was found.” After this, there are chances that the complaint filed by Hindustani Bhau might also get dismissed.

Hindustani Bhau is not pleased with the case getting dismissed. He is beyond upset and angry. He took to his social media account and expressed his anger on the case getting dismissed. He posted two consecutive IGTV videos on his instagram page. In the first video, Bhau called out politicians and actors for not speaking out on this matter, saying that if it would have been a common man in Ekta’s place then their reactions would have been much different. He said that the system supports wealthy and privileged people while the voices of common men are suppressed. 

In his second video, he revealed that he was first bribed and then threatened to not speak on this matter. Giving an open threat, he said, “Either give Indian Army justice or get ready to see ‘Tandav’ on Mumbai streets.” His video is also titled, ‘Ab TANDAV Hoga Mumbai ke sadko pe.’ 

Here are his videos:

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