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‘BAN TIK TOK’ says actor Paresh Rawal, after people trend #TikTokExposed on twitter

by Lakshita Jain
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The chinese app, ‘tiktok’ has been receiving a lot of criticism lately by the people of our country. This started when a video went viral of a well known tiktoker by the name of Faizal Siddiqui. In his video, he was seen promoting acid attacks. After this, many more such videos surfaced online in which acts like rape, terrorism,domestic abuse and animal cruelty were being glorified. Enraged by this, people started trending hashtags like #TikTokExposed and #BanTikTokIndia on twitter. Many celebrities and well known personalities also took part in this trend. One such celebrity is veteran actor, Paresh Rawal, who tweeted only three words, ‘BAN TIK TOK.’ 

These three words were enough for him to make a statement that he is in support of banning this social media platform. Many celebrities showed their support by retweeting this tweet. National Commission for Women’s chief Rekha Sharma also demanded for a ban on the app, saying, “Tiktok is pushing youngsters towards unproductive life.” Aditi Raval, Kushal Tandon, Sona Mohapatra and many more such celebrities are also in support of TikTok banning in India.  

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