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‘Call Them Out’ : Vikas Gupta calls out people who made him go through hell; asks Parth Samthaan to speak the truth

by Lakshita Jain
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Producer and Bigg Boss 11 fame Vikas Gupta is calling out all the people who have wronged him in the past, including Parth Samthaan, Shilpa Shinde, and Priyank Sharma. He shared two IGTV videos on his Instagram channel. In the first video, he opened up about the hatred he has been receiving on social media, especially from young children. He shared a young boy’s video, in which the boy is brutally trolling Vikas Gupta, solely based on some reports in the media. Vikas said, ‘If i don’t tell people what really happened, they will keep thinking of me as the bad guy. It has become really important to reveal the truth.” He further added, “I am not a bad human being, and I don’t want to be remembered as one. I have a good heart and I have done good things in life.” Vikas admitted that he has met a lot of wrong people in his life, and it is time to make them pay for it.

“I am going to call out each one of you, who have made me go through hell,” said Vikas. He said that he has decided to reveal everything that has happened to him, and that he is no longer afraid to speak the truth. The first person he calls out is Parth Samthaan, lead actor in Kasautii Zindagii Kay, who has also worked with Vikas in the famous MTV show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan. In 2015, Parth had accused Vikas of molestation, non-payment of dues, and constant threats of ruining his career. Vikas had later clarified that all these allegations were false. 

In his second video, Vikas revealed that Parth had called him up after 3 years and apologised to him, and he had forgiven him. Vikas accused Parth of never coming out and clarifying that the claims he made against Vikas were false. Vikas said that he still receives a lot of backlash for it. 

In the end of his video, he asked Parth to come LIVE on Instagram and reveal the truth himself. He said that if Parth doesn’t speak the truth, he will himself reveal everything.

Here are his videos:

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This is what made something snap on me . To call out to the evil people who have made my life a hell everyday. From spreading rumours about me to accusing me of killing a boy , too randomly making allegation of molestation to destroying careers . I am calling out to these people one by one and if this is true I deserve to be jail and if it’s not then what . What do these people get for making my life a living hell for the last few years . Form to the police . Only defamation charges that also fight the case #vikasgupta #Shilpashinde #priyanksharma #parthsamthaan I won’t even mentions the other names because they are doing it to get famous at expense of ruining me. Before you all decide to torture me to this extend i will make sure you all are unmasked so you can never hurt anyone else .

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Every person who is responsible for putting a dent in your life and isn’t taking onus of it. Dont cover the dent. Don’t be afraid of people seeing the dent. #Callthemout People will know you are a good driver and the dent wasn’t your fault and you will be surprised they just might help get it repaired cause they will know you are trust worthy. #Callthemout face your fears , wipe your tears and do what is right. my name is #VikasGupta and have been subjected to a lot of bullying , defamation and targeted for things that is not my fault. I am starting the process of cleaning my life of lies and will accept the truth as it is without the intention of hurting others. #parthsamthaan Do what is right and Truth. For everyone Thankyou for every message , comment , tweet supporting this drive to clean my life. It has given me double the strength . #SpeakUp #bebrave

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