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CarryMinati once again smashes records with his savage rap song ‘YALGAAR’

by Lakshita Jain
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Famous youtuber CarryMinati, aka Ajay Nagar, has finally dropped his much anticipated rap song named ‘Yalgaar.’ In the song, Carry raps about Youtube’s unfairness for taking down his record breaking video, and also takes a dig at Tiktoker, Amir Siddiqui. In the track he uses lyrics like, “Ek Kahani hai jo Sabko sunani hai, Jalne Walo Ki Toh Rooh Bhi jalani hai.” Through the song, Carry pours his heart out and tells his side of the story. He raps about how he is passionate about what he does and will not stop at any cost. He also hits back at trolls and backstabbers who made fun of him during his hard time.   

When Carry released a roast video on Tiktok cringe last month, it became a craze on the Internet. It was hugely loved by the masses and absolutely smashed all Youtube records. It became the most viewed non- music video and the most liked video of India. It was also about to become the most liked and viewed non-music video worldwide. But unfortunately, before that could happen, it was taken down by YouTube for unknown reasons. Due to this, Carry’s fans were highly enraged and disappointed. Carry also shared his disappointment on social media and announced that he will come out with a reply very soon. Since then, his fans were eagerly waiting for Carry’s reply on the entire situation.  

Now, Carry has given a savage reply through his rap song ‘Yalgaar.’ Carry’s videos always break records, and with his latest release, he is all set to top the charts once again. The infamous roaster already has more than 20 million subscribers on his channel. His video has been trending No. 1 on YouTube ever since its release. It has crossed over 20 million views in less than 24 hours. The video has also received more than 4.5 million likes. This video is all set to break records once again. #CarryMinati has been trending on Twitter since yesterday. Netizens are also showing full support by making memes and creative posts on the video. Carry Minati has once again set the internet on fire.

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