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Indians have started a ‘Youtube vs. TikTok’ battle, and it is getting serious!

by Lakshita Jain
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While the world fights with coronavirus, Indians have started an online battle between two big social media platforms, youtube and tiktok. It all started when a youtuber by the name of Elvish Yadav uploaded a video on his youtube channel, in which he roasted some famous tiktok influencers. While his video was made in all fun and humor, it was not received well by many tiktok stars, including Amir Siddiqui, who has millions of followers on the app. 

Amir then went on to make an IGTV video, in which he talked about how he considered tiktokers to be way better than youtubers. He made certain points trying to explain his superiority over youtubers, and mentioned many famous youtube roasters in his post. 

Saying that his video was not received well by the public would be a major understatement. People got anxious and started trolling and harassing him on social media. Amir started receiving major hate and abuse online. People called his video useless, invalid and unnecessary. Many youtubers were also enraged over this and started making roast videos on Amir Siddiqui and TikTok. 

Things escalated quickly when a famous youtuber by the name of Carry Minati made a roast video on TikTok named ‘YOUTUBE VS. TIKTOK: THE END.’ His video went viral in only a few hours, becoming India’s most liked video with over 10 million likes and 60 million views. His subscriber count also went up from 10 million to 18 million in the span of just 1 week.

His happiness only lasted for a few days though, as youtube took down his video for unknown reasons. Many people are believing that tiktokers Amir Siddiqui and Adnan are behind it, while others are saying that the video was deleted due to some homophobic comments made by carry in the video. Ever since the deletion of the video, things have taken quite a poor turn. From calls being leaked to abuses and threats being given, this whole ‘Tiktok vs. Youtube’ war has escalated to a very ugly level. What was started as a joke, with the intention of spreading light humor, has now become the most trending topic in the country. 

Things became even more serious when a video of Faizal Siddiqui, brother of Amir Siddiqui, surfaced online, in which he was seen promoting acid attacks. Many other such videos also surfaced, in which activities like rape, domestic abuse, terrorism, and animal cruelty were being glorified. These videos enraged the masses, and they started demanding an immediate ban on this chinese app. 

People started trending hashtags like #BanTikTokIndia and #TikTokExposed on twitter. National commission for women’s chief Rekha Sharma also demanded for a ban. The rating of this app has gone from 4.8 to 1.3 on playstore. Faizal Siddiqui’s account has also been deleted.

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