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Neha Dhupia is taking a stand against domestic violence, and it’s her choice!

Bollywood actor Neha Dhupia recently became a subject to massive trolling on social media for a statement that she made on her MTV show, Roadies. It all started when she berated a young male contestant, who revealed that he had raised a hand on his girlfriend because she was cheating on him with 5 men. For this, Neha slammed the boy, saying that cheating was his girlfriend’s own choice and that he had no right to raise a hand on her. This statement of hers was not received well by the masses, who believed that she was supporting the act of infidelity. She received a huge number of criticism from people. She and her family were brutally trolled and harassed online. But, this massive amount of trolling did not move her from her stance. 

Talking about it, she told TOI, “For me, I feel everyone is entitled to their opinion and that’s exactly what I exercised. The main thing I said was that I never stood for adultery, but if it is between domestic violence and adultery I felt adultery could lead to breakup, heartbreak, separation, divorce, and domestic violence to lead to way more. Therefore, i took a stand against domestic violence, and till now i have kept my stand very clear and this is exactly what i wanted to say. I had put the same thing as my statement on social media.”


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