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Sonu Sood is a real life hero for helping migrants in reaching their homes

India has been in lockdown since March 25th because of the rapidly growing Coronavirus. Though this Covid-19 pandemic is a major problem, it is not the only cause of concern in the nation right now. Another worrying issue are the millions of homeless migrants who are stuck in metropolitan cities, unable to go back to their homelands. After losing their major source of income and the ability to feed their families, these migrants are desperately trying to leave the city and go back to their native land.  

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has come to the rescue of these migrants and is doing everything in his power to send a maximum number of them home. He has managed to send more than 12000 migrants back to their homes and is not planning on stopping anytime soon. He has arranged buses for their safe travel, and has been bearing all the expenses himself. Migrants are now reaching out to Sonu Sood through twitter, and the Dabbang actor has been politely replying to all of them.

This kind gesture by him has not gone unnoticed and the actor is receiving plenty of love and appreciation from people on social media. Maharashtra minister and NCP leader Jayant Patil also praised him in a tweet on Saturday, writing, “Sonu Sood is arranging buses for migrants who want to go back to their homes. He is trying to help as many migrants as he can. The on screen villain is an inspiring hero in reality! God bless him @SonuSood.” 

Union minister Smriti Irani also tweeted on Sunday, “I’ve had the privilege of knowing you as a professional colleague for over 2 decades now @SonuSood and celebrated your rise as an actor ;but the kindness you have displayed in these challenging times makes me prouder still thank you for helping those in need.”


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