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‘Was it suicide or planned murder?’ : Kangana Ranaut slams Bollywood after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death

Sushant Singh Rajput died by suicide on Sunday morning. The news of his death left everybody in a state of shock. Questions are being raised as to what could have possibly driven him to end his life. In the midst of this, Kangana Ranaut has openly accused the film industry for Sushant’s death, calling it a ‘planned murder.’

Kangana’s team shared an IGTV video on Kangana’s official Instagram channel. In the video, Kangana looks furious as she calls out the film industry for not acknowledging Sushant’s deserving films in award ceremonies. She refuses to label the late actor as a ‘mentally weak’ person. 

“He was a rank holder. How can his mind be weak? If you look at his last few posts, he is clearly saying, literally begging, ‘Watch my films. I have no Godfather. I will be taken out of the industry,’ she said in the video.    

She also shared her personal experience and revealed that six cases were filed against her. She said that some people from the industry tried to put her in jail. “Why do they want to put it in my mind to commit suicide?” she said. 

Her video has received over 1 crore views in 2 days. The video has over 100,000 comments. Her video has gone viral on all social media platforms and many people are supporting Kangana by sharing her video. 

In the caption she wrote, “It is important to give talent their due. And if celebrities are struggling with personal and mental health issues, the media should try and emphasize with them, rather than making it difficult for them!”


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