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Yuvraj Singh apologises for making ‘unintentional’ casteist remark

by Lakshita Jain
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Cricketer Yuvraj Singh recently landed himself in trouble for making some casteist remarks. Dalit rights activist and advocate Rajat Kalsan has filed a police complaint against the former Indian all-rounder for making casteist remarks on leg spinner Yuzvendra Chahal while in an instagram live chat with Indian opener Rohit Sharma. The complaint was filed in Hansi police station of Hisar district, Haryana. In the Instagram live, Yuvraj mocked Chahal for making TikTok videos with his family and called him ‘B***gi.’ The clip is from April and has now gone viral on the internet. The comment may have been made as a joke but people got highly offended and even started trending ‘Yuvraj Singh Maafi Maango’ on twitter. 

Rohit Sharma has also been dragged into the police complaint. The complaint said that Rohit should have spoken against Yuvraj’s comments, but instead he laughed it off and agreed to the remarks. 

Yuvraj Singh has now apologised for his remarks. Taking to social media, he shared a post in which he wrote, “I understand that while I was having a conversation with my friends, I was misunderstood, which was unwarranted. However, as a responsible Indian I want to say that if I have unintentionally hurt anybody’s sentiments or feelings, I would like to express regret for the same.” He ended his post by saying that his love for India and all its people is eternal. Here’s his post:

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